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Rick specializes in criminal and civil litigation and family law with an emphasis on cases with substance abuse and addiction for drug possession and O.U.I. Additionally, his practice emphasizes post conviction sentencing mitigation.

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Rick Dyer
Rick DyerAttorney at Law
Born in Boston, I am the son of a career Boston firefighter and stay-at-home mom, both now deceased. My four siblings and I grew up in Brighton, in a great family and community. Though we were happy, I struggled terribly with alcohol and drug addiction throughout my early childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. I found trouble frequently, and my addictions robbed me of many opportunities, including the ability to grow up with my family, finish my high school in Brighton, or even to remain in my community. I earned my G.E.D. (high school) while incarcerated at the Deer Island House of Correction. Through the loving commitment of my family and others such as Brighton District Court Judge Charles Artesani, I began to learn lessons about my addiction, and, more importantly, about responsibility. The greater my commitment to taking responsibility for myself, the more my circumstances changed for the better. I earned my freedom and in 1983 Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis issued a pardon for my criminal convictions.

After my release from the House of Correction, I attended Boston State College through the assistance of Massachusetts Rehabilitation Services, earning the title Scholar of College for academic achievement and receiving a B.A. degree in 1978. My interest in law matured. Encouraged by many outstanding people who had faith in me when my own resolve faltered, I attended Northeastern University School of Law, earning my J.D. in 1983. Since then, my professional and personal experiences have brought me to a level of accomplishment that I never could have imagined during my troubled times. My practice of law has been varied, challenging, and rewarding, and beyond legal practice I have developed successful business ventures in real estate and retailing.

Most importantly, my life experiences enable me to more effectively communicate in a variety of ways with and on behalf of the children and adults I represent, thus facilitating their development into productive contributors to our world. These life lessons, to which I am devoted and which are passionately reflected in everything I undertake, help clients and their families the same way they helped me when I received them from my family, Judge Artesani and others. “We don’t get to where we are by ourselves.”



We know that including recovery specialists in the criminal justice system has proven to promote and facilitate sustainable recovery by:

  • Navigating the system of needed services and treatment
  • Assisting in problem solving
  • Encouraging hope, optimism and healthy living
  • Helping develop a recovery management plan
  • Advocating to the court, probation and treatment facilities

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